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Managing your property can be stressful. We're here to help.

We believe that innovative management solutions, comprehensive preventive maintenance programs, a solid knowledge of current and emerging industry regulations, as well as timely and accurate accounting are key ingredients for a well-managed portfolio, whether for income producing properties or community associations.

Licensed Realtors and Real Estate Brokers

DNS has an extensive track record in helping families find rentals that meet their specific individual and financial needs. We have been managing apartment buildings and single-family homes for over 15 years and are confident that we can provide you with a home that you can be happy with!

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As a leading management firm, DNS’ focus on cutting expenses and adding value to your community has been key to our success. Whether you're seeking management for your home or an income-producing property, you can rest assured that DNS is committed to helping you realize your personal financial goals, as well as optimizing the performance of your investment property

Licensed Community Association Managers (CAM)

As property managers, our job is to work alongside the Board of Directors and assist in implementing decisions and policies as directed by the Board. In addition to offering professional advice, we help coordinate with the Board to ensure that the property is maintained in accordance with community and industry standards.

Some stats

It has been reported that nearly half of all property owners make use of property management services, with another 25% considering their use. These owners claim maintenance as their biggest stressor, with tenant relations a close second. At DNS, our 30 years of experience have taught us how to best navigate these issues, and guarantee owners an optimized ROI on their investments. Check out our services.

Owners who user property managemement services
Claim maintenance as their largest stressor
Average annual cost-reduction
Our Current Portfolio

DNS manages a wide array of properties from condominiums and homeowner associations to rental apartments and industrial warehousing. DNS also provides financial management packages to owners who wish to self-manage their properties.

Multifamily Residences

Our full service Property Management division is designed to provide the highest level of service to each of our rental properties. Maintenance requests are handled quickly and effectively by our team of qualified managers as well as by a network of professional and fully licensed vendors.

Commercial properties

Attention to detail is critical to the proper management of commercial properties, as it is important to take into account the needs of not just your tenants - but their customers as well. By conducting regularly scheduled on-site inspections, our team is able to rapidly identify potential problems and resolve them before they affect you, your tenants, or their customers.


Our experienced staff and fully licensed vendors can provide your Condominium or Homeowner’s Association with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, 24/7 emergency contact, and delivery of accurate and up-to-date financial information that includes real time online access to payment information and various online payment options.

Portfolio Management

We can provide full portfolio management and growth solutions to ensure the safety and profitability of your investment. With an aggressive advertising and referral program, tenant screening, and a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that will keep expenditures low, we ensure that your investment will be secure and profitable.