1. How Property Managers Are Taking Advantage of Zillow

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  2. The Golden Age of Multifamily Rental Properties

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  3. What is a Technology Concierge and Will Renters Pay More For It?

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  4. Investing In Rental Properties: A Guide to Real Estate Income

    It’s widely acknowledged that land is the most valuable resource on this Earth, as no one’s making more of it. In fact, there’s going to be less land as the water starts to reclaim the coasts which means purchasing land is one of the most intelligent ways to invest your money. While there is a…Read More

  5. Choosing A Rental Property Management Company Part 2

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  6. Choosing A Rental Property Management Company

    After acquiring an investment real estate rental property, it's a good idea to enlist a rental management company to handle it for you. While the fee they charge is a defining aspect of your choice, you should base your decision on more than the dollar symbol by their name. In fact, when browsing fo…Read More

  7. Rental Property Management for Market-Rate Housing

    Market-rate housing is defined as an apartment that does not have rent restrictions. If you’re a landlord that owns market-rate housing, you’re free to try to rent the space at whatever price you think the market can fetch. Essentially, your units are considered market-rate housing if you're not…Read More