Your future resident’s search for your multi-family property starts in a Google search bar. But just how many potentially perfect residents are you losing because of the sheer number of results that are presented to folks when they start looking for rentals in Broward County?  But gaming the search results on Google is only one aspect of the overall task of establishing a good customer journey that is designed to funnel the right people into your leasing office while keeping the wrong people out. Finding the proper balance of Google search term manipulation and user experience is a complicated endeavor, but we’ll do our best to illuminate the general strategy.

Hone Your Property’s Listing

The best way to ensure that you’re getting the right searchers onto your listing starts with keeping your listing 100 percent accurate. It seems overly simplistic, but if your address and phone number are incorrect on the Google listing for your property, you’re not going to get anywhere. Do regular checkups to ensure that’s still the right description in the little box Google presents when you search for your property’s name.

Watch Google Reviews

Reputation management is the next big service that marketing companies everywhere are offering and that’s because Google and Facebook are valuing it above and beyond perhaps what they should. If your property has several bad reviews on it because of a property management company from the past or because a resident was angry they didn’t get their deposit back after punching a hole in the wall, then Google is going to take their word for it that they wrote that review in a rational state-of-mind. The best way to handle reviews is to reply to them. Offer a way to resolve the issue publicly, or call the person out for presenting a false face of your company to the public. Merely replying can sometimes force the user to take down the review or adjust their initial rating.

Engage On Social Media

Have a couple of those hot amenities everyone is craving? Yell it from the rooftops, or rather, mention it tastefully on social media with jazzy pictures and some smiling people. Put your best foot forward on a social media and make yourself look cool. The people who find you on Google will look at your social media because that’s how consumers evaluate a product now, it’s all based almost entirely on their cool factor.

Hire a Property Manage in Broward County

Don’t fret about the constantly changing online climate. Leave the business stratagem to the professionals with Broward County’s top multi-family property management company: DNS. Reach out to us when you’re ready to stop worrying about your property and you’re prepared to invest your time in what matters most.