Real estate investing offers many long-term investment opportunities in our current rich market. Understanding the difference between investing in rental properties can be a complicated affair and must be handled with skill, care, and diligence. All too often, we hear horror stories from investors about deals gone bad. As a comprehensive investment manager, we offer investors an attractive alternative for capital preservation and growth – joint venture investments.

Our Real Estate Investing Objectives

At DNS, we focus on finding the right atmosphere, in the right market, at the right price. We specialize in medium and long term, multifamily value-add investments that offer strong growth potential.

Our Investment Model:

  • We underwrite based on the current condition of the property, not future appreciation
  • Property must have significant value-add component
  • Desirable location with positive market trends
  • Market must have existing barriers to entry
  • Conservative underwriting and projections
  • We do not over leverage investment property
  • Once our value-add target is reached or exceeded, we get out of the market

Benefits of Investing With DNS

Invest in large, institutional-quality assets and gain access to higher returns due to increased economies of scale as well as better cushioning against market corrections.

Unlike many investment firms that employ third-party fee managers, we pride ourselves on self-managing our financial investment properties. This allows for better communication, coordination, and action between the investment strategy and onsite management. Our decades of experience in managing and renovating residential investment properties allows DNS Property Management to offer accredited investors an all-in-one investment service.

Never again let your local market conditions hold up your investment plans. Investing with DNS allows residential real estate investors to invest in areas with more attractive market conditions and thus, maximize the returns of your long-term investment.