Property management can be stressful in many ways. This is especially true in regard to multi-family property management. With so many units and so many different things that can go wrong at any one time, it can be hard to juggle everything and provide stellar customer service everywhere it’s needed. So if you’re a touch worried about what your residents might say after it took you around 12 hours to get that washing machine fixed because the people above them were worried that their water wasn’t running at all, we don’t blame you. Successful property management on any scale is about having a team of people on your side who are dedicated to giving the guests who occupy your properties more than what they need. Obviously, feedback in any regard points out where you need to improve so that the resident reporting to you can get a better experience next time and residents in the future have an even better experience when staying in your property’s units. How do you obtain the proper feedback so that you can readily improve your property?

Start By Knowing When To Ask For Feedback

Most of the time, folks wait until the end of the year to ask their residents for their feedback. This is a flawed model as it only gives you the opportunity to improve the situation for the next residents, not the current residents. Keeping a current renter is a much cheaper alternative to flipping a unit and marketing it so that you can get someone else in the vacancy before people have stopped looking for spots to rent. Building frequent connections with your residents gives you actionable data from the beginning of the lease to the end of the lease.

However, the data you receive at one point should not be accepted as renter’s gospel. For example, there’s evidence of some properties attempting to do multiple check-ins in regard to landscaping. The satisfaction of their customers literally changed on a seasonal basis. Since this particular property was in the north, the first survey represented a whole host of their residents were unhappy with the landscaping because the entire landscape was covered in snow. When they re-solicited reviews in the springtime, the happiness surrounding the landscaping of the property increased significantly. When you collect data from your residents, don’t take immediate action. We like to recommend a four-point check-in system that follows some key points in their lease: the selling experience, the move-in experience, the maintenance experience and then the decision to renew experience checks. This will give you an accurate pulse check on not only customer satisfaction on a day-to-day basis, but on a if-they-want-to-renew basis.

Gathering Your Renter’s Reviews

You can employ a wide variety of tools to acquire those needed little survey question answers and you’re going to have to employ all of those strategies. Try comment cards, messaging boards, online surveys through their email, feedback management software and anything else you can think of. Most multifamily units have a wide variety of ages that they serve and they’ll all prefer to offer their feedback in a different way. Whatever format you use and find successful, we also like to recommend only using multiple choice question and answers formats. Tacking on an optional long-form comment box gives them the option to personalize the review but it doesn’t force the subject. This will help you to accumulate a variety of data that’s both quantitative and qualitative that you can make educated decisions with.

If you’re still having trouble gaining those reviews, try a community event and let your community members chat with your renters to find out more about their living experience. Provide coffee and food and make sure they know they can get the perks in exchange for just a few words about their experience.

Don’t Want To Worry About It? Enlist Your Property with DNS

Rather than spend time considering how to improve your resident’s experiences, let us handle your property management and ensure that your residents are always satisfied with their lodgings and renew on a regular basis. Reach out to us to find out more about our multi-family residential property management services.