Creating and maintaining profitable types of real estate investments requires a keen eye for detail, industry experience, and creative management strategies designed to maximize profit. DNS Property Management provides property owners across South Florida the resources necessary for success. At DNS, we incorporate the latest in technology along with our decades of experience to provide an unrivaled customer experience. Our profit-oriented residential property management approach provides real value to investors, and our focus on streamlining operations is proven to maximize returns.

Marketing and Leasing

Vacancies reduce earning potential and lower profit margins. At DNS, we utilize the power of social media, digital property listings, and traditional advertising tools to reach the largest audience possible, thereby filling your vacancies faster and improving your bottom line.

Marketing Your Property

Attempting to market your multifamily rental property may seem easy at first. Certainly, Facebook and Google Ads make setting up an ad profile or trying to push availability to new tenants look easy enough. However, without the fundamental building blocks of a marketing campaign, your efforts will be largely fruitless and your multifamily rental property will have vacancies. Don’t lose money on a whim. Invest in proper marketing strategies for all of your Broward County properties with DNS.

Proactive Marketing Starts With Strategy

Any good marketing campaign starts with well-designed targeting and strategy. Without a target market, target area and a few, well-selected mediums of marketing selected before the campaign begins, you’ll be essentially throwing your promotion dollars into a black hole.

Start With Your Audience

If you have multifamily units nearer to the downtown area or the newly beautified areas of town, you won’t want to market to low-income families or seniors. Pause and think about whom you want to represent your units and what that person looks like: that’s your target demographic. If your units are located near trendy eating spots and shops, you’ll want to target Millenials with plenty of spending money. Targeting a demographic is based just as much in the “Can they afford my space question” as it is in “Can they afford the space after several years of living there with a rent increase at the beginning of each new lease?” The idea of a “good tenant” is shaped by the hope that they’ll lease this space for a long time. The longer a single tenant stays, the less marketing dollars you need to spend finding new ones.
In this sense, good marketing results in a better return on your investment in regard to better, longer lasting tenants.

Manage Social Circles

Facebook is one of the most incredible marketing tools if you are acquainted with how to use it. While you can no longer target people’s profession specifically, you can target their interests, the social circles they move in and other highly specified pieces of data that help you narrow down a more specific target market of people. This helps your marketing budget go further and allows you to A-B test multiple different demographics of hopeful tenants. Start by creating social media accounts, especially social media that focuses mainly on visual aspects so that you can show off the more attractive pieces of your unit: the look of them. It’s crucial that you maintain a calculated posting schedule of at least once a week, even better if it’s multiple times per week. If you don’t have time to calibrate and create these profiles, reach out to DNS Property Management, as we regularly create pin-pointed marketing strategies for multiple different types of properties in areas all over the Broward County area.

Utilize Existing Good Tenants

If you’ve ever been on Yelp or tried to find a place to eat using a Google search, you already know that online reviews are extremely valuable. Ask your current tenants to review your property. You can even incentivize it with tenant events like small parties or offering morning coffee in the main office during the week for your tenants and then asking for the review. Even varied reviews will help you spread the word about your excellent amenities and customer service.

Promote The Community You’ve Created

Creating a community of people is more valuable to the current generation than a bland place to live is. The environment of people and activities you’ve created in your little neighborhood will attract lasting tenants that will share good things because they enjoy living there. So when you’re investing in marketing, think about the community you’ve created, rather than the physicality of location and floorplans.

Sound Like Too Much Work? Contact DNS Property Management

We have years of experience under our belt of not only marketing in Broward County, but adapting to the needs of the people and tenants in the area. We can keep your multifamily rental units up-to-date, with better amenities so you can attract better tenants, all on top of our other services property management services.

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular inspections are critical in building management in order to identify and repair maintenance issues before they escalate. Once identified, our expert staff work closely with a skilled team of licensed and insured vendors to ensure repairs are completed as soon as possible. We also offer a 24-hour maintenance emergency line to assist residents in their time of need.

Project Management

Whether it’s routine maintenance or value-add rehabs, DNS is there to oversee your projects. We are happy to assist in contract bidding and negotiation, project oversight, as well as the various administrative tasks that come up during the construction process. For larger projects, DNS will work in conjunction with third party project administrators as well as licensed and insured General Contractors to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Tenant Relations

Satisfied tenants are key to the profitability of any rental property. At DNS, we focus on providing all our residents with a service centered approach to increase quality of life and decrease tenant turnover. We employ the latest in technology that allows for easy text and email communication as well as an intuitive online portal to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and see lease information.

Our other duties include:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Collection of rent, late fees, escrow funds, and security deposits
  • Process and execute work orders
  • Execute and enforce leases
  • File and process evictions and collections

Finance and Accounting

At DNS, we have a qualified bookkeeping staff under the supervision of a Certified Public Accountant. Our comprehensive accounting and financial system allows us to provide accurate and real time financial reporting for your long-term investments. Our strategic partnership with AvidXchange allows property owners to review and approve invoices online without the hassle of dealing with paper statements.

Our financial services include:

  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • Debt collections
  • Payroll Management

Energy Management

Utilities can cost a small fortune! Take advantage of our energy management program by instituting Ratio Utility Billing – a tool used to recoup utility costs from tenants. In addition, DNS staff will evaluate the property for potential energy upgrades like LED lighting, intelligent climate control systems, and energy efficient appliances and fixtures.

Why DNS?

Effective residential property management is one of the most important factors in the profitability of real estate investments. At DNS, investors will receive the benefit of enterprise level systems and processes that allow for increased operational efficiencies. Additionally, as a family owned and operated business for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service driven approach that fosters prompt and productive communication between all parties.