Rental Management Services

Checking-in renters, signing loads of paperwork, exploring new lease agreements, and keeping your property a competitive place to live renders owning a couple of multifamily rental properties more than a full-time job. Do you really have the time to consider if your units need a new unit to bolster your marketing efforts? How dedicated are you to the idea of spending your Saturday interviewing new tenants and trying to collect rent payments from current renters? Pass the undesirable portions of being a landlord off to DNS Properties. We’ll provide diligent care for both you and your tenants.

Community Association Management

Exploring options for your residential portals, for your HOA, and other community association management tasks is, at the very least, tedious. DNS Properties could easily manage the entire thing for you instead. Our service includes financial services like your general ledger, debt collections, and accounts receivable. We can also take over your association’s calls as well as navigating your annual meeting notices and violation letters.

Financial Investment Services

DNS Properties has extensive experience exploring and executing real estate investments with finesse. From our extended involvement in similar projects, we’ve created comprehensive investment models that allow you to make long-term investments in real estate ventures safely. We can easily measure the atmosphere of the current real estate environment and make quick decisions that protect and expand your portfolio. Don’t over leverage investments or liberally underwrite your projections. Leave youryou portfolio to the pros at DNS.